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Topic - Housing Market Trends & Studies

This page summarizes KnowledgePlex content about Housing Market Trends & Studies.

This section contains information and data from various cities, regions, and other locales on the state of the housing market and the need for affordable housing. It includes studies and discussions of the issues related to housing development and placement.

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Most Relevant Documents
Effects of Restrictive Land Supply on Housing in Hong Kong: An Econometric Analysis (100%)
Ruijue Peng, William C. Wheaton
Fannie Mae Foundation
January 1, 1994
Integrating Social Equity and Growth Management: Linking Community Land Trusts and Smart Growth (99%)
Tasha Harmon
Institute for Community Economics
January 1, 2003
Affordable Rental Housing in Healthy Communities: Rebuilding After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (98%)
Margery Austin Turner, Barika X Williams, Glenn Kates, Susan J. Popkin, Carol Rabenhorst
Urban Institute
May 1, 2007
In the Face of Gentrification: Case Studies of Local Efforts to Mitigate Displacement (98%)
Diane Levy, Jennifer Comey, Sandra Padilla
Urban Institute
March 2006
An Examination of Manufactured Housing as a Community- and Asset-Building Strategy (97%)
William Apgar, Allegra Calder, Michael Collins, Mark Duda
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
September 13, 2003

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