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Topic - Mortgage Lending & Predatory Lending

This page summarizes KnowledgePlex content about Mortgage Lending & Predatory Lending.

This section discusses issues and topics associated with mortgage lending. A mortgage is a long-term loan on real property secured by a borrower in order to buy that property. A mortgage transfers the rights to that piece of property from the borrower to the lender until the loan is fully paid back. Predatory lending has harmful implications for borrowers due to excessive rates or fees, fraudulent terms or lender behavior, or other practices that have a negative impact on borrowers.

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State Strategies to Address Foreclosures (100%)
Stephanie Casey Pierce, Kheng Mei Tan,
National Governor's Association
September 19, 2007
Financial Services in Distressed Communities: Framing the Issue, Finding Solutions (99%)
James H. Carr, Jenny Schuetz
Fannie Mae Foundation
August 1, 2001
An Overview of the Predatory Mortgage Lending Process (98%)
Elizabeth Renuart
Fannie Mae Foundation
January 1, 2004
Predatory Lending: What Does Wall Street Have To Do With It? (98%)
Kathleen C. Engel, Patricia A. McCoy
Fannie Mae Foundation
January 1, 2004
Jeopardizing Hispanic Homeownership: Predatory Practices in the Homebuying Market (97%)
Janis Bowdler
National Council of La Raza
January 1, 2005

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