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Documents - Housing Market Trends & Studies

rss This page lists documents relevant to Housing Market Trends & Studies, sorted in order of Most Relevant. The percentage after each title shows how relevant that document is to the current topic.

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10 Most Relevant Documents
Effects of Restrictive Land Supply on Housing in Hong Kong: An Econometric Analysis (100%)
Integrating Social Equity and Growth Management: Linking Community Land Trusts and Smart Growth (99%)
Affordable Rental Housing in Healthy Communities: Rebuilding After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (98%)
In the Face of Gentrification: Case Studies of Local Efforts to Mitigate Displacement (98%)
An Examination of Manufactured Housing as a Community- and Asset-Building Strategy (97%)
Can We Explain the Santa Clara County Housing Market? (97%)
Housing in the Nation's Capital 2006 (93%)
Housing in the Nation's Capital 2005 (93%)
Patching the Fabric of the Neighborhood: The Practical Challenges of Infill Housing Development for CDCs (92%)
A Home for All New Yorkers: Housing First! 2005 Policy Update (91%)

All Topic Relevant Documents (Sorted by Most Relevant)

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Documents 1 to 200 of 455
1 Effects of Restrictive Land Supply on Housing in Hong Kong: An Econometric Analysis (100%)

2 Integrating Social Equity and Growth Management: Linking Community Land Trusts and Smart Growth (99%)

3 Affordable Rental Housing in Healthy Communities: Rebuilding After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (98%)

4 In the Face of Gentrification: Case Studies of Local Efforts to Mitigate Displacement (98%)

5 An Examination of Manufactured Housing as a Community- and Asset-Building Strategy (97%)

6 Can We Explain the Santa Clara County Housing Market? (97%)

7 Housing in the Nation's Capital 2006 (93%)

8 Housing in the Nation's Capital 2005 (93%)

9 Patching the Fabric of the Neighborhood: The Practical Challenges of Infill Housing Development for CDCs (92%)

10 A Home for All New Yorkers: Housing First! 2005 Policy Update (91%)
11 The 25th Anniversary of the Community Reinvestment Act: Access To Capital In An Evolving Financial Services System (91%)

12 State of the Nation's Housing: 2002 (91%)

13 The Future of Manufactured Housing (91%)

14 State of the Nation's Housing: 2003 (89%)

15 The Housing System of the Former Soviet Union: Why Do the Soviets Need Housing Markets? (89%)

16 District of Columbia Housing Monitor (88%)

17 Getting Ahead of the (Housing) Curve: A Look at Emerging Housing Needs and Market Dynamics (87%)

18 District of Columbia Housing Monitor: Winter 2008 (86%)

19 Integrating Social Equity and Smart Growth: An Overview of Tools (85%)

20 A Canadian Perspective on Housing Policy (85%)

21 The Structure of Mortgage Markets in Mexico and Prospects for Their Securitization (84%)

22 Current Practices for Procuring Affordable Housing: The Canadian Context (82%)

23 Fueling the Fire: Information Technology and Housing Price Appreciation in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Twin Cities (81%)

24 State of the Nation's Housing: 1998 (81%)

25 Income Tax Concessions for Owner-Occupied Housing (81%)

26 Can State Review of Local Planning Increase Housing Production? (80%)

27 Ownership, Rental Costs and the Prospects of Building Home Equity (79%)

28 Smart Growth, Housing Affordability, and Community Land Trusts in the Portland, Oregon, Metropolitan Region: A Case Study (79%)

29 Like Fleas on a Tiger?: A Short History of the Open Housing Movement (79%)

30 Residential Segregation And Housing Discrimination In The United States (78%)

31 Successes, Failures, and Prospects for Public Housing Policy in the United Kingdom (77%)

32 Center for Sustainable Communities Report (76%)
33 Restoring Neighborhoods, Rebuilding Markets (76%)

34 Building Neighborhoods of Choice: A Workbook on Marketing Neighborhoods and Affordable Ownership Housing (74%)

35 Building Homes, Reviving Neighborhoods: Spillovers from Subsidized Construction of Owner-Occupied Housing in New York City (74%)

36 Raising Public Awareness of Affordable Housing (73%)

37 Using Public Schools as Community Development Tools: Strategies for Community-Based Developers (73%)

38 Comment on Steven C. Bourassa and William G. Grigsby's "Income Tax Concessions for Owner-Occupied Housing" (73%)

39 The Barriers to Using Urban Infill Development to Achieve Smart Growth (70%)

40 Housing in the Nation's Capital 2004: Chapter 2: Housing Production Shortfalls (68%)

41 Rural Voices: Preserving Rural Rental Housing (54%)

42 The State of the Nation's Housing: 2008 (53%)
43 The State of the Nation's Housing 2006 (52%)
44 Shared Equity Homeownership: the Changing Landscape of Resale-Restricted, Owner-Occupied Housing (52%)

45 Section 8: The Time for Fundamental Program Change? (52%)

46 Housing in the Nation's Capital 2003 (52%)

47 Dr. King's Dream Denied: Forty Years of Failed Federal Enforcement (51%)

48 Policies for Affordable Housing in the District of Columbia: Lessons from Other Cities (51%)

49 The Impact of Housing on Community: A Review of Scholarly Theories and Empirical Research (51%)

50 State of the Nation's Housing 2004 (50%)
51 Market Factors Affecting Spatial Heterogeneity Among Urban Neighborhoods (50%)

52 The Vicious Cycle: Segregated Housing, Schools and Intergenerational Inequality (49%)

53 Telling Our Story: Marketing Affordable Housing (49%)

54 State of the Nation's Housing 2004 (49%)
55 New Economy Housing Markets: Fast and Furious -- But Different? (49%)

56 The Evolution of Low - Income Housing Policy, 1949 to 1999 (49%)

57 Expanding Affordable Housing Through Inclusionary Zoning: Lessons From The Washington Metropolitan Area (49%)

58 Dynamics of the Affordable Housing Stock: Microdata Analysis of Filtering (49%)

59 Developing Infill Housing in the Los Angeles Region (49%)
60 Housing Prices, Externalities, and Regulation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas (49%)

61 House Price Indices from the 1984-1992 MSA American Housing Surveys (49%)

62 Housing in the Nation's Capital 2007 (48%)

63 The State of the Nation's Housing 2007 (48%)
64 State of the Nation's Housing 2005 (48%)
65 Mixed Communities in England (48%)

66 They Paved Paradise ... Gentrification in Rural Communities (48%)

67 The Challenges Facing Public Housing Authorities in a Brave New World (48%)

68 Financing Social Housing in Canada (48%)

69 A Study of Limited-equity Cooperatives in the District of Columbia (47%)
70 Asset Appreciation, Timing of Purchases and Sales, and Returns to Low-Income Homeownership (47%)

71 Asset Appreciation, Timing of Purchases and Sales, and Returns to Low-Income Homeownership (47%)

72 Workforce Housing: The New Economic Imperative? (47%)

73 Inclusionary Housing in California and New Jersey: A Comparative Analysis (47%)

74 Which Housing Policy Is Best? (47%)

75 American Community Survey Estimate Shows Larger National, State Affordable Rental Housing Shortages (46%)

76 Moving Home: Manufactured Housing in Rural America (46%)

77 Community Investments: Special Issue on Affordable Housing (46%)
78 Building Assets, Building Credit: Symposium Proceedings (46%)

79 Innovations in Community Development: Building a Large-Scale Mixed-Income Community (46%)

80 Urban Housing Policy in the 1990s (46%)

81 Housing to 2001: Can Britain Do Better? (46%)

82 Private Finance for Social Housing in Australia (46%)

83 The Financing of Residential Real Estate in Finland: An Overview (46%)

84 Beginnings of Real Estate Brokerage in Moscow (46%)

85 From Central Planning to Market Systems: Implications of Economic Reforms for the Construction and Building Industries (46%)

86 State of Mexico's Housing (46%)

87 Reconnecting Massachusetts Gateway Cities: Lessons Learned and an Agenda for Renewal (45%)

88 Pursuing the American Dream: Homeownership and the Role of Federal Housing Policy (45%)

89 Residential Building Codes, Affordability, and Health Protection: A Risk-Tradeoff Approach (45%)

90 Evaluation of Price Indices by a Cohort Method (45%)

91 Housing Market Constraints and Spatial Stratification by Income and Race (45%)

92 Privatizing Housing: An Assessment of U.K. Experience (45%)

93 Federal Homeless Social Policies for the 1990s (45%)

94 Research on Discrimination in Housing and Mortgage Markets: Assessment and Future Directions (45%)

95 The Experiences of Public Housing Agencies That Established Time Limits Policies Under the MTW Demonstration (44%)

96 Lost Values: A Study of Predatory Lending in Philadelphia (44%)

97 USDA Section 514/516 Farmworker Housing: Existing Stock and Changing Needs (44%)

98 Washington, D.C.'s First-Time Home-Buyer Tax Credit: An Assessment of the Program (44%)

99 Examining Supply-Side Constraints to Low-Income Homeownership (44%)

100 Low-to Moderate-Income Lending in Context: Progress Report on the Neighborhood Impacts of Homeownership Policy (44%)

101 GIS and Spatial Analysis of Housing and Mortgage Markets (44%)

102 Efficiency and Stability of Housing Finance Systems: A Comparison of the United Kingdom and the United States (44%)

103 Growing More Affordably: Connecting the Dots on Housing, Energy and Transportation Costs (43%)

104 Home Grown: Local Housing Strategies in Action (43%)
105 Charting Maine's Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Places (43%)
106 Managing Neighborhood Change: Best Practices for Communities Undergoing Gentrification (43%)
107 Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative Evaluation Project: 2003 Report (43%)
108 Housing and Economic Development in Indian Country: Challenge and Opportunity -- Chapter Twelve (43%)

109 State of the Nation's Housing: 1999 (43%)

110 The New Demographics of Housing (43%)

111 The Potential and Limitations of Mortgage Innovation in Fostering Homeownership in the United States (43%)

112 Price Dynamics of Owner - Occupied Housing in the Baltimore - Washington Area: Does Structure Type Matter? (43%)

113 Determinants of Structural Adequacy of Dwellings (43%)

114 Mexican Mortgages: Structure and Default Incentives, Historical Simulation, 1982 to 1998 (43%)

115 FHA Restructuring Proposals: Alternatives and Implications (43%)

116 The United Kingdom Housing Context (43%)

117 An Empirical Analysis of Metropolitan Housing and Mortgage Markets (43%)

118 America's Rental Housing: Homes for a Diverse Nation (43%)

119 Housing Needs and Effective Policies in High-Tech Metropolitan Economies (43%)

120 Preservation of Existing Housing: A Key Element in a Revitalized National Housing Policy (43%)

121 Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategies in Hot Housing Markets (42%)

122 What Is Housing Affordability? The Case for the Residual Income Approach (42%)

123 The Financial Returns to Low-Income Homeownership (42%)

124 China's Homeownership-Oriented Housing Policy: An Examination of Two Programs Using Survey Data from Beijing (42%)

125 The Future of Housing Microfinance in the United States (42%)

126 Immigration and Rental Prices (42%)

127 The New Demographics of Housing (42%)

128 Measuring the Benefits of Home Remodeling (42%)
129 Towards A Targeted Homeownership Tax Credit (42%)

130 Conventional Mortgage Home Price Index (42%)

131 The Effects of Inclusionary Zoning on Local Housing Markets: Lessons from the San Francisco, Washington DC and Suburban Boston Areas (41%)

132 Foundations for Future Growth in the Remodeling Industry (41%)

133 District of Columbia Housing Monitor, Fall 2006 (41%)

134 Regional Disparities in Homeownership Trajectories: Impacts of Affordability, New Construction, and Immigration (41%)

135 Strengths and Weaknesses of the Housing Voucher Program (41%)

136 Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem (41%)

137 Affordable Housing Survey (41%)

138 Jump-Starting Cleveland's New Urban Housing Markets: Do the Potential Fiscal Benefits Justify the Public Subsidy Costs? (41%)

139 Editors' Introduction, Motivation for the Articles (41%)

140 Private Market Provision of Low-Income Housing: Historical Perspective and Future Prospects (41%)

141 Policy Academy on Coordinating Housing and Economic Development Best Practices and Lessons Learned (40%)

142 Inclusionary Zoning and Community Organizing (40%)
143 Home Price Appreciation in Low and Moderate Income Markets (40%)

144 Homeownership Trends and Inequality in the United States in the 20th Century (40%)

145 Toward a Targeted Homeownership Tax Credit (40%)

146 The Rise and Fall of Housing's Favored Investment Status (40%)

147 A Primer on Geographic Information Systems in Mortgage Finance (40%)

148 The Demand for Mortgage Debt and the Income Tax (40%)

149 Artist Space Development: Financing (39%)

150 District of Columbia Housing Monitor Winter 2007 (39%)

151 Artist Space Development: Financing (39%)

152 Neighborhood Housing Markets and the Memphis Model: Linking Information to Neighborhood Action in Memphis, Tennessee (39%)

153 Rural Housing Goes Green (39%)

154 Farmworker Housing: Turning Challenges Into Successes (39%)

155 Housing Facts & Findings, Vol. 7, No. 3 (39%)

156 Integrating Affordable Housing with State Development Policy (39%)

157 Do Homeownership Programs Increase Property Values in Low-Income Neighborhoods? (39%)

158 How the Federal Housing Administration Affects Homeownership (39%)

159 Gathering and Presenting Information About Your Neighborhood (39%)

160 Measuring the Economic Impact of Community-Based Homeownership Programs on Neighborhood Revitalization (39%)

161 Holes in the Safety Net, Leaks in the Roof: Changes in Canadian Welfare Policy and Their Implications for Social Housing Programs (39%)

162 The Limits of the Housing Finance System (39%)

163 The New Orleans Index: Tracking Recovery in the Region (38%)

164 The Affordability Index: A New Tool for Measuring the True Affordability of a Housing Choice (38%)

165 Asian Americans for Equality: A Case Study of Strategies for Expanding Immigrant Homeownership (38%)

166 Assets and Neighborhoods: The Role of Individual Assets in Neighborhood Revitalization (38%)

167 The Housing Act of 1949: Its Place in the Realization of the American Dream of Homeownership (38%)

168 The Effects of Property, Owner, Location, and Tenant Characteristics on Multifamily Profitability (38%)

169 Homeownership and Neighborhood Stability (38%)

170 Making the Case For Housing Choices and Complete Communities: The Next Generation (37%)
171 New Beginnings: The Need for Supportive Housing for Previously Incarcerated People (37%)

172 The Metropolis Housing Index: Housing as Opportunity (37%)
173 Mixed-Income Housing Developments: Promise and Reality (37%)

174 Preservation Actors -- Past and Present: A Trip Through the Players: From 1960 to 2000 -- and Beyond (37%)

175 A Preliminary Assessment of the New Home Seller Capital Gains Law (37%)

176 Residential Mortgage Foreclosure and Neighborhood Change (37%)

177 Interpreting the Dynamics of Public Housing: Cultural and Rational Choice Explanations (37%)

178 Precision in House Price Indices: Findings of a Comparative Study of House Price Index Methods (37%)

179 Continued Racial Residential Segregation in Detroit: (37%)

180 After Katrina: Rebuilding Opportunity and Equity Into the New New Orleans (37%)

181 Comment on Kerry D. Vandell's "FHA Restructuring Proposals: Alternatives and Implications" (37%)

182 House of Cards (36%)

183 Consumer Preference for Neotraditional Neighborhood Characteristics (36%)

184 Has Mortgage Capital Found an Inner-City Spatial Fix? (36%)

185 Why Housing Matters: HAC's 2000 Report on the State of Nation's Rural Housing (36%)

186 Subsidized Housing and Neighborhood Racial Transition: An Empirical Investigation (36%)

187 The State of Rental Housing: Current Conditions and Forecast (35%)
188 New Americans, New Homeowners: The Role and Relevance of Foreign-Born First-Time Homebuyers in the U.S. Housing Market (35%)

189 The Decontrol Blues: Despite Active Affordable Housing Efforts, Cambridge Suffers (35%)

190 Dwelling-Age-Related Heteroskedasticity in Hedonic House Price Equations: An Extension (35%)

191 One-Fifth of the Nation: America's First Suburbs (35%)

192 State and Local Governments: New Initiatives in Low-Income Housing Preservation (35%)

193 The New Orleans Index Anniversary Edition: Three Years after Katrina (34%)

194 Buying For Themselves: An Analysis of Unmarried Female Home Buyers (34%)

195 Preserving America's Affordable Housing: Retooling a 20th Century Asset for 21st Century Needs (34%)

196 Housing in the Nation's Capital 2005: Guide (33%)

197 Public Housing Reform and Voucher Success: Progress and Challenges (33%)

198 Fannie Mae Foundation Census Note 14 -- A Tale of Two Cities: Growing Affordability Problems Amidst Rising Homeownership for Urban Minorities (33%)

199 Appendix Tables (33%)

200 A Critical Look at Rising Homeownership Rates in the United States Since 1994 (33%)

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Documents 1 to 200 of 455

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